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Meet Hirdayash, our Youth Advocate

August 14th, 2023

Meet Hirdayash, our youth advocate from the SCROL project. A resident of Nepal, he is an undergraduate student of psychology. Hirdayash is extremely enthusiastic about empowering diverse communities. Let's learn more about him.

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Youth Advocate Nepal

Q and A with Hirdayash

What is your role in the SCROL project?

My role as a youth change maker in the SCROL project is to serve as a catalyst for change by raising awareness, fostering understanding, and inspiring action within the youth community through education, collaboration, and advocacy.

Why did you decide to become a youth advocate?

As a youth advocate, I am driven by the belief that our collective actions can bring about positive change. I am passionate about addressing the challenges faced by our generation and the generations to come. Advocacy allows me to contribute my voice and efforts to causes that matter, creating a secure and better place for all.

What is your best moment as a youth advocate?

My most significant moment has been realizing my untapped potential and embracing the transformative power of advocacy. This journey has granted me a platform to both share and gain knowledge, facilitated by the guidance of mentors. I've also embraced innovative ideas, envisioning unconventional approaches like immersive virtual reality experiences and interactive storytelling to revolutionize advocacy. This path is about pushing boundaries, seeking unconventional wisdom, and propelling innovative ideas to create lasting positive change.

What is your proudest achievement as a youth advocate?

The proudest moment in my role as a youth advocate was observing a participant's transformation during a child exploitation and body shaming awareness workshop. Starting off uninformed, they became deeply engaged and committed after the session. Witnessing their growth further fueled my dedication to advocacy work and reinforced my belief in the impact we can achieve collectively.  Witnessing such genuine interest and commitment fuels my motivation to continue advocating for change and amplifies my belief in the transformative potential of education and awareness initiatives.

What are the main challenges you face as a youth advocate?

Three key challenges that I faced are limited familiarity with complex issues and strategies. Additionally, the need to engage and capture the attention of the target audience is difficult. Apart from this another challenge is maintaining sustainability and momentum for initiatives over time. While these challenges can be difficult, they offer opportunities for growth and learning through creative problem-solving and effective networking. More than that, these problems contribute to my personal growth and enhanced creativity for being a better young advocate.

What is your vision for a world free of online exploitation?

My vision for a world free of online exploitation is one where individuals can engage in digital platforms without fear of being taken advantage of or harmed. This means creating a safe and secure online environment where privacy is respected, cybersecurity is strengthened, and accountability is prioritized. It involves promoting digital literacy and educating people about the risks and consequences of online exploitation. Ultimately, my vision is to create a world where everyone can freely and confidently navigate the online world without fear of exploitation.

How can the government/law authorities support youth advocacy?

By providing resources and funding for youth-led initiatives, and establishing youth councils or committees to give young people a platform to voice their concerns and ideas can be also a great incentive to be carried out.

What is your message to the other youth?

 In this modern and digital age, wield technology in your hand responsibly. Use social media and online platforms to amplify your message, but do so with empathy and respect. Your digital footprint is a reflection of your character; let it inspire positive change. It is not just about the present; it's an investment in the future that we and our upcoming generation deserve.

Read about the SCROL project
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