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We stay inside to educate the people outside

June 2nd, 2020

While the world is struggling to combat COVID-19 and the people in affected countries are under lockdown and spending their time with fear and uncertainty - the pandemic has not restricted the fearless Youth Advocates from the Girls Advocacy Alliance programme in India from showing their passion in engagement for developmental work.

Creative messages through drawings, slogans, and stories

Despite being confined in their houses due to the countrywide lockdown, around 180 Young leaders from Terre des Hommes Consortium in India are using their time productively to educate their communities. They are in a kind of competition among themselves in developing creative messages through drawings, slogans, and stories. 

These messages intended to inform and keep the public safe from COVID-19 but also on other issues that the pandemic may cause such as increase in gender-based violence, domestic violence and many others.

They are not only posting these creative works in their common Youth Advocates WhatsApp groups to encourage each and every member of the group but they are also sharing these materials in other messenger groups, Facebook pages, and sharing with the local government leaders to be placed in public spaces.

Besides sharing information with people on how to keep themselves safe, the Youth Advocates have taken other social works to provide support by working with local philanthropic organisations to provide food supplies to people who need it the most help such as beggars, migrant labourers, and people from poorest  communities to save them from hunger. 

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