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March 1st, 2021

Jemuel Suganob is a 27-year-old man from the city of Ormoc, Philippines. He works at TEACH (Teaching, Equipping A Child Holistically), a child focus organization that produces Christ-Like disciples from faithful communities through holistic education, physical, health, socio-emotional, and spiritual child-focus initiatives.

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He was recently  appointed as Project Director despite his lack of training and experience but he is thankful and grateful for the position that was entrusted to him. He challenged himself to go beyond his comfort zone by leading his organization and working with other youth organizations for the welfare of children. Through his dedication, passion, and commitment to help children in need especially during the COVID-19 pandemic - he collaborated with other youth organizations in Ormoc City to provide hygiene kits and education awareness regarding child protection.

Jemuel’s  organization is the founder of "YouthCARE” where children and  youth are empowered to raise awareness and prevent sexual abuse and exploitation through child trafficking, child labour, and online sexual exploitation of children. Through this project, they were able to provide hygiene kits and awareness education to 150 children and 150 youths in Ormoc City.

Jemuel did stop inspiring and helping others. He is more motivated and dedicated than before in helping children and youth. His organization continues to provide community service; feeding programs for children; school subsidy/school tuition fees; school supplies; tutorials; and relief goods for families in the community; and skills training for children and youth and their parents.

Through his various initiatives and influence from other youth organizations, Jemuel and his organization TEACH will be participating in the 2020 TAYO Awards Qualifying Rounds.  Their organization is now recognized as one of the most active child focus organizations that promote child rights and gender equality.

Jemuel currently participates in training sessions by ECLIPSE, a partner organisation of Terre des Hommes Netherlands through the Girls Advocacy Alliance programme. His organization champions youth in advocacy particularly on fighting sexual exploitation of children. With the GAA programme, he would be able learn more about advocating for the protection of children in his community. He believes empowering children and youth is the key to change the world. 

Jemuel’s mission is to create a better world for children

For him, all the efforts to help children through his organization is not a sacrifice but an act of kindness towards them. They do not consider themselves as volunteers but an instrument to empowerment, inspiration, support, and kindness. Jemuel together with other youth organizations said, “To let children realize and experience  the beauty of life, we as a community should work together to end violence and exploitation of children, and build a strong connection to one another through peace and happiness”. 

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