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Child Rights and Clubs Booklet

Child participation is at the core of Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ programmes. We believe that if children are more involved in our programmes, their voices will be heard and we will jointly work together to help them achieve their full potential. With close collaboration with the children from Busia, Kenya, through the Joining Forces for Africa, we developed a child-friendly booklet on child rights and the formation of Child Rights Clubs (CRCs).

Children showcasing their rights

Child Rights

The Child Rights and Clubs booklet highlights the rights of children, guided by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). It provides details on the four general principles; non-discrimination, best interests of the child, right to survival and development and views of the child  that underpin all children’s rights with guidelines.  

The booklet also highlights the responsibility of the government, teachers, parents and other adults to promote, protect children's rights and do what is best for them. It also points out the responsibilities of children, including respecting the  rights of others. 

Child Rights Clubs

According to the UNCRC, which was adopted by world leaders in 1989, adherence and protection of child rights allows children to grow and develop with dignity. To ensure that children stay informed and they are able to protect their rights, we  have established several child rights clubs (CRCs) in schools.

Through participation in the CRCs, children are able to: learn about their rights, learn about the different forms of abuse and how to report such cases, understand how to protect themselves against abuse, learn more about their universal responsibility across all boundaries in the world, and acquire skills and knowledge that will help them take care of themselves.

The booklet provides information on the formation and management of CRCs, functions of CRCs in schools, and guiding principles for participation in the clubs. 

The booklet has been developed for children, child rights practitioners and club patrons to purposefully contribute to the positive changes of children themselves, their families and societies. 

To access the child-friendly Child Rights and Clubs booklet, please click the button below. Kindly share it with children, child-rights practitioners and club patrons. 

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