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Child labour

Millions of children do dangerous, dirty jobs. Even at very young ages, they are forced to work in mines and factories, as house slaves and prostitutes. This is bad for their health and damages their development. It means they cannot attend school or escape poverty. We fight extreme forms of child labour everywhere because children have the right to feel safe today and better about tomorrow. This is why we offer education, information and help for poor families.

We fight for better conditions to build a better life

About 150 million children work worldwide. Child labour helps many poor families survive. About half of these children do dangerous, dirty jobs that are damaging to their health. Terre des Hommes takes a stand against this.

We fight for them to have better lives. We hold corporations and governments accountable, to ensure child safety and proper care. We help parents find additional or new sources of income to let working children go to school. Join our fight. Stop child labour.



"A big stone fell on me," says Rajat, a 12 year old forced to work in a mine. "As I felt it on my head, there was a lot of blood. I had to be in hospital for five days."

"Wrong friends told me to sell my body for sex. I was throwing my life away," says Halima, now 18. 

Sold as a house slave, sexually abused, doing dangerous work in a mine or the drug trade… millions of children worldwide are exploited. They cannot go to school or escape poverty. We offer these children a way out, so they can build a better future. 

We have since helped Rajat and Halima. Yet many more children still need help. Join our fight. Stop child exploitation.

Within these programs we fight against child labour


Stop child labour in mica mining belt India

Mica is a raw material that is widely used in our daily products, such as cars, laptops and make-up. It has a…

Much more

But we do much more. We fight against child trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse. We also offer emergency aid. Read more about what we do

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