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Our mission

Sexual exploitation

One billion children worldwide have become victims of physical, psychological or sexual abuse in the past year. Children have the right to be protected from violence. We offer a safe space and medical care. To girls at risk for female genital mutilation, we offer shelter and protection. Through political campaigns, we fight against child marriage.

Millions of children are abused. We provide protection and medical care.

Where violence is normal and poverty is widespread, children are extra vulnerable. The risk rises when few adults are present to offer protection. Girls are particularly at risk. 

We provide victims of abuse medical and psychological care and education. We help them recover, feel less vulnerable and build a better future. 
Through campaigning, we fight against child marriage. We help families living in poverty earn more money. Join us.  


Sexual exploitation on the Internet

Child sex tourists are drawn to Asia, where the children of many families living in poverty are especially vulnerable. Often a perpetrator starts contact online. Police usually do little. In Africa too, many children are sexually exploited as house slaves, in brothels and online. Worldwide over two million children are being sexually exploited.

Where does sexual exploitation occur?

Sexual exploitation exists everywhere. In East Africa, children are sent to big cities without money. But full of hope for better life. They are vulnerable to being exploited on the street or in a brothel. In Asia, children are exploited as household help. They also end up on the street or online, where tourists and other adults prey on them.

Within these programs we fight against sexual exploitation

We fight against sexual exploitation. Join our fight.

In Africa, we work with partners to improve regulations and protective laws. In Asia and Europe, our programmes track perpetrators and online abuse. Globally, we provide children psychosocial and legal aid, education and protection. We employ detectives, train police dealing with victims and help governments tackle exploitation. Join our fight.

Much more

But we do much more. We fight against child labour, trafficking and abuse. We also offer emergency aid. Read more about what we do

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