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In Tanzania, 74% of children live in poverty. Caring for these children early on is necessary for the country’s development. Current poverty levels predict future poverty levels, and children living in poverty already often face disadvantages. Their development comes to a standstill. 

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June 10th, 2021

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May 20th, 2021

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June 27th, 2019

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Our work in Tanzania

Children from families living in poverty are therefore likeliest to be exploited. Child marriage, labour, sexual exploitation and trafficking are common in Tanzania. We fight against this exploitation by providing a safe place, education, information and medical and legal help.

We help parents find additional or new sources of income to prevent children from being exploited. Join our fight. Stop child exploitation.


Child marriage and female genital mutilation

Mutilating the genitals of young girls against their will and marrying them off is customary in northern Tanzania. The mutilation ritual is an old tradition. 

It is seen it as a rite of passage to adulthood. We fight to protect these girls. We stand together with the community and the girls themselves. Join our fight.

Child trafficking and migration

In Tanzania, many children move from rural areas to the big cities. Sweet-talking traffickers win over their trust and that of their families. They promise a better life elsewhere. Meanwhile, the children become exploited.

These children usually end up in dangerous situations, such as working in gold mines or as household help. Girls are especially at risk for being sexually exploited. 

We protect these children. We provide them a safe place and education. To keep children at home, we help families get better incomes. Join our fight. Stop child trafficking.

Child labour

Tanzania is one of Africa’s largest gold producers. Thousands of children work in small gold mines. Even at a very young age, they are forced to do dangerous work. 

This is bad for their health and development. It keeps them out of school and stuck in poverty.  

We fight against extreme forms of child labour – in Tanzania included. Children have rights to be protected, to attend school and to build a better future. This is why we provide education, do awareness-raising and help families living in poverty. Join our fight. Stop child labour.

Our programmes

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Our partners in Tanzania

Together with experienced partners we are working towards a world without child exploitation, where young people can feel safe today and better about tomorrow. Join our fight.

Association for the Termination of Female Genital Mutilation (ATFGM)

Visit the website of ATFGM

Kiota Women Health and Development (KIWOHEDE)

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