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If you make a recurring donation for a period of at least five years, you are eligible for a tax deduction in the Netherlands. This means that you receive almost half of your annual donation to Terre des Hommes back from the tax authorities. If you decide to donate that return to us too, you help even more children without spending more money than you initially donated. The donations Terre des Hommes receives are tax-free. All money goes to fighting child exploitation. This kind of periodic commitment helps us better plan our work in the long term.

Wij strijden tegen kinderuitbuiting. Strijd mee.

Tax benefits if you live in the Netherlands

The tax benefits of a periodic donation are illustrated in this example scenario. 

Suppose you live in the Netherlands. Your income falls within tax bracket 2 (46%*). You donate 100 euros to Terre des Hommes every year for five years. In your tax return, you then get back 46% of the full donation: 46 euros. That means your donation of 100 euros ultimately costs you only 54 euros each year. If you can donate your tax return as well, your total contribution to Terre des Hommes amounts to 185 euros. That is almost double your donation.

Thanks to its ANBI status, Terre des Hommes does not pay any tax on donations. That means the money goes entirely to our fight against child exploitation.

* From 2020 until 2023, the annual deduction rate in the highest tax bracket will gradually be reduced from 46% to 37.05%.

Simple set-up

Make a recurring donation for a period of at least five years, commit to it in writing and benefit from a tax deduction. The agreement is free of charge and no notary is required.

Please send a request with your postal address by emailing service@tdh.nl. So we can send you a copy of the required form. 

Return the completed form in an envelope to:

Terre des Hommes 
Attention: Ingrid Broelman
Antwoordnummer 61255
2506 WB The Hague
The Netherlands

You do not have to stamp the envelope.

We will process the form and return the original document to your for your own tax return records.

Please note: The minimum term of a periodic donation with tax benefits is five years. In the form, under ‘duration’, please specify an end date. If you leave it blank, you can end the donation yourself any time after five years. Any donations made before the agreement form was filed do not count towards the periodic donation.

Four conditions for eligibility of the tax benefit are:

  • You have committed to your periodic donation in writing in a donation agreement. You can download the form here.
  • Your periodic donation must run for at least five years. 
  • The amount of your donation is the same each year, but at least 50 euros.
  • Your donation goes to a charity with ANBI status, which Terre des Hommes has.

Need more information?

We will gladly help. Contact Ingrid Boelman by calling +31 (0)70 3105017 or e-mailing service@tdh.nl.

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