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Your legacy can also help in the fight against child exploitation. Include Terre des Hommes in your will. Keep giving to a cause you believe in. Thanks to its ANBI status, Terre des Hommes pays no tax on donations so your full donation supports our cause.

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"It gives me a proud feeling to help to structurally eliminate child exploitation. We don't just support victims, we tackle the problem at its roots. This is the only way to bring about change and to work effectively."
Angélique van Oversteeg
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Leave a legacy

Leaving a donation in a will is a meaningful way to support the work of Terre des Hommes. Your ideals live on. You give future generations the chance for a better life.

As an ANBI, a qualified public benefit organisation in the Netherlands, Terre des Hommes is exempt from paying taxes on any donation. All that you give fully supports our fight against child exploitation.

Specify your wishes

To include Terre des Hommes in a will, specify your wishes in writing and get authorisation by a notary. When including Terre des Hommes in a will, you have the option of leaving the organisation a certain amount of money or part of your estate.

Personal advice

A will is a personal matter, and you may have questions or concerns about including Terre des Hommes in it. We are happy to provide answers or offer guidance. If you prefer to talk in person, we can visit your home or somewhere else convenient. You are also always welcome to our head office in The Hague.

If you have already decided to include Terre des Hommes in a will, we would be grateful to hear about it. We like to keep legacy donors informed about the work that their donations enable and invite them to attend special donor meetings in the area.

To discuss options or to make an appointment, please contact our relationship manager, Angélique van Oversteeg. 

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