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In-honour donation

Doing something good in a very personal way with a large amount of money? Then start an in-honour donation, and give your philanthropic wishes a specific interpretation. This can be done as a private individual, but also as a foundation, company or club of friends.

Wij strijden tegen kinderuitbuiting. Strijd mee.

Why make an in-honour donation?

A donation in honour of someone or some cause lets you choose how your money is spent. For example, would you want it put towards fighting child labour, female circumcision or online sexual exploitation?

You can also specify that the donation be used in a specific region of the world. We manage and spend the money as agreed on with you, including whether and how you wish to be informed of our work’s results. This way you can see what the fund achieves. 

A an in-honour donation is tailor-made. Our colleague Carola Wortman will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

How do I set up an in-honour donation?

We can help you decide how to donate. It can be a one-time, recurring or legacy donation. You decide the name affiliated with the donation, for example, that of a family, a loved one or a company.

You can also choose the period within which the total donation may be spent. You do not have to make all these decisions, but if you would like to, they are yours to make. After settling all terms of the agreement, your fund will have its own place in Terre des Hommes.

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