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Asia's Youth Advocates

September 9th, 2021

In the Asia region, Terre des Hommes Netherlands has networks of child clubs promoting its work of child protection, safety, and empowerment. In these communities, there are hundreds of child advocates, youth leaders/volunteers, and agents of change that raise awareness on issues of child exploitation. Learn more about our future leaders from Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, and the Philippines!

Youth Volunteers in Cambodia

Protect Children from Exploitation

Kimseng is an active youth advocate from Siem Reap Cambodia. She was involved in the Working Together Actively for Children project and facilitated the child club. We asked her about her involvement with Terre des Hommes Netherlands. 


Rizky’s dream to raise the voices of Indonesia children

Rizky is an accomplished 19-year-old in Batam, Indonesia. He is a youth advocate and a proud member of RAEKSA, a child club formed by Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ partner organisation Yayasan Embun Pelangi (YEP).

Read about Rizky

Dany wants to raise awareness about Child Sexual Exploitation

Dany is a youth advocate from Siem Reap, Cambodia. She is also one of our child club facilitators for Working Actively Together for Children project.


Bunsav and his participation in the community

Bunsav is a youth leader from WATCH protect in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He aims to learn more about child rights and youth participation in the community.


Enabling Disability

Catherine faced disability when she was 3 years old. Her parents could not afford medical treatment. Catherine became a victim of bullying and discrimination because of her physical condition. However, that does not stop her from fighting for child exploitation, especially online sexual exploitation of children.  She has been working to shut down those issues in her community.

Aradhya Changing the Narrative

Aradhya was married off by her parent at a young age. Unfortunately, she lost her husband and became hopeless. Through the IMAGE project’s surveys, Aradhya was identified in her community. She joined the child club and learned about child rights.

Aradhya became a spokesperson in her village in preventing child marriage.

Read more about Aradhya

Din wants to promote child participation in his community

Din is one of our child club members from, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Din is also participated in a campaign called "Protect the Children, Protect the Future". He wanted to promote child rights and child participation to his community members.


Carl’s Development as a Confident Changemaker

Carl is a leader of the Agent of Change for Children and Teens (ACT) group in the Philippines. His group is supported by FORGE, a Terre des Hommes Netherlands partner in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. His desire to support his peers have helped him personally transform into a prominent advocate for children’s rights.

Read more about Carl

Sok Liv aims to Work for Children

Sok Liv is a youth volunteer from Cambodia. She had been supporting Terre des Hommes Netherlands Working Actively Together for Children (WATCH) project.


Sravanthi Becoming a Leader

Fifteen-year-old Sravanthi from the village of Ambatpally in Telangana, India grew up seeing girls being discriminated against. Sravanthi believes that the root cause of child exploitation is the lack of access and importance given to education, and girls experience these issues worse than boys. The dents in the rural infrastructure system also contributes to this issue.

Read more about Sravanthi

Kimsan, A Future Leader

Kimsan is an intern for Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ office in Siem Reap, Cambodia. As a former Youth Leader, she had been supporting TdH-NL staff in the protection of children from sexual exploitation in the tourism sector and online.

Vio’s Inspiration to Help Other Children

Vio is a Child Rights Advocate of Yayasan Embun Pelangi (YEP), a Terre des Hommes partner in Indonesia. Since 2019, she has dedicated her time in being a voice for other children as a Chairman of RAEKSA, a child-led group that empowers children and youth.

Read more about Vio
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