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Child abuse

One billion children worldwide have become victims of physical, psychological or sexual abuse in the past year. Children have the right to be protected from violence. We offer a safe space and medical care. To girls at risk for female genital mutilation, we offer shelter and protection. Through political campaigns, we fight against child marriage.

Millions of children are abused. We provide protection and medical care.

Where violence is normal and poverty is widespread, children are extra vulnerable. The risk rises when few adults are present to offer protection. Girls are particularly at risk. 

We provide victims of abuse medical and psychological care and education. We help them recover, feel less vulnerable and build a better future. 
Through campaigning, we fight against child marriage. We help families living in poverty earn more money. Join us.  


Rekha, from India, was married at age six and quit school. Eunice, age 15 from Tanzania, was kicked out from home by her father because she did not want to undergo genital mutilation.

Nchagwa, 17 from Kenya, was raped and had to flee from her embarrassed family, who wanted her dead.

The consequences of child abuse are often enormous. Terre des Hommes offers protection, medical care and education so victims can recover and build a better future. Join our fight.

Within these programs we fight against child labour

Child labour

Stop child labour in Mica mines

Mica is a raw material widely used in makeup, cars and equipment. It shines beautifully and conducts electrici…

How we fight child abuse

We fight against child abuse by removing children from dangerous situations and sheltering them in a safe place or by bettering their current circumstances. 

We help victims by offering medical and psychological care and education. We also help them connect with the police and authorities. 
Through political campaigns, we fight against child marriage and help families living in poverty earn more money. Join us.  

Much more

But we do much more. We fight against child trafficking, sexual exploitation and child labour. We also offer emergency aid. Read more about what we do

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