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Some 430 million children live in India. The country is developing swiftly, yet 40% of children have tough lives. They grow up in poverty and have no chance to be children. We remove children from working in mines, the sex industry and other dangerous job situations. We provide them protection, care, education and legal support. We take action with governments and educate communities about children’s rights. Join our fight. Stop child exploitation in India.

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Our work in India

Poverty, lack of proper education and cultural norms push many children to work at an early age. They work as house hold help, in mining, agriculture or fishing. Boys and girls are exploited in prostitution and child sex tourism. Child trafficking also occurs.

Many girls are forced to marry young. This way their families no longer have to take care of them and have fewer money worries. These child brides are often abused. We fight against child exploitation in India.

We remove children from working in mines, the sex industry and other dangerous job situations. We provide them protection, care, education and legal support. We take action with governments and educate communities about children’s rights. Join our fight. Stop child exploitation in India.


Out of the mines, into the classroom

Good education is indispensable to escape poverty. We ensure that children go to school to find better work later and educate parents and communities.

More than 10 million children work in India. In the textile and clothing industry, fishing, mining, or as a domestic helper. Many children do dangerous work. Like in the mica mines in Jharkhand and Bihar. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to work in mines by Indian Law. Yet some 20,000 children work there at the risk of their own lives.

That has to stop. We offer children the opportunity to learn a trade. And we ensure that as many children as possible who are not yet working, simply stay at school. Because they are entitled to it.

We work with companies to improve the safety and education of the children who work there. We are campaigning to make the disadvantages of child labor clear. So that fewer children are exploited.

Sexual exploitation

Tourism in India has risen sharply in recent years. As a result, child sex tourism and child exploitation are also increasing. Poor children are particularly vulnerable to child trafficking and sexual exploitation. They are forced into prostitution, used in the online sex industry, or exploited in the name of religion.

Many children use drugs to escape from everyday life. This, along with unprotected sex, creates other serious problems such as addiction, teenage pregnancy, HIV / AIDS and psychological problems.

We fight for these children. We raise awareness in the community about the sexual exploitation and abuse of children. We track down perpetrators and work closely with the police and judicial authorities to arrest and convict the perpetrators. We receive victims in a safe place to recover. Stop child exploitation in India. Join the fight.

Invisible child trafficking

Children who live on the street, are alone or come from extremely poor families are at great risk of being trafficked. This makes them vulnerable to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

They are exploited for prostitution, as a house slave, child marriage and as cheap or even unpaid labor. The invisibility of child trafficking makes it a very difficult crime to detect and investigate.

We rescue children from exploitation situations and receive them. We prevent child trafficking, arranged marriages and exploitation by educating communities and families.

We also offer children vocational education so that they can earn a better income. At the same time, we take action and work together with the government to prevent child trafficking and promote children's rights.

Fight for girls' rights

In India, equality between men and women is still bad. This has serious consequences for girls and women: child and forced marriage, sexual abuse and rape are common.

The taboo on sexual violence is so strong that few girls and women report it. Similar to unwanted pregnancy abortion, safe abortion is available but rarely done.

Child marriage and teenage pregnancies are extremely common. Every year, around four million girls become mothers before their eighteenth birthday. We ensure that married girls learn about their rights and can attend an education.

We also fight for a change in mindset. Via information that fits within the culture. So that child marriage, abuse and forced pregnancies disappear.

Everyone has the right to decide for themselves about their sexuality. Join the fight. Stop sexual exploitation of girls and women in India.

Our programmes

Learn about our programmes

Our partners in India

Together with experienced partners we are working towards a world without child exploitation, where young people can feel safe today and better about tomorrow. Join our fight.

REACH - Rural Environmental Awareness Community Help

Visit the website of REACH

Service Initiative for Voluntary Action Trust

Children of India Foundation

Women's Organisation in Rural Development (WORD)

PMSR (People's Movement for Self Reliance)

Society for Help Entire Lower & rural People - HELP

Chaitanya AIDS prevention Women's Sangha Mudhol

Rural Action In Development Society

Human And Natural resources Development Society (HANDS)

Child Rights Trust

Society for Empowerment through Voluntary Action

Shramika Vikasa Kendram

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Social Service Society

Our Country Representative

Thangam has his heart in the right place. The Country Manager of Terre des Hommes in India, together with his team, stands up for young married girls. "This is a forgotten group; among other things, we provide education and teach them about their rights".

Read Thangam's Feature

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