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Home can be a warzone too. Where will you hide?

June 18th, 2020

Imaging staying home by demand because of the coronavirus restrictions. Try to imagine how it feels staying home while your home feels like a war zone, with danger around every corner in your own home. Taking a shower, getting ready for bed or even walking down the stairs could turn into a nightmare. Home can be a war zone for millions of children.


Millions of Children are in danger at home

Sexual violence against children is a global reality across all countries and social groups. It can take the form of sexual abuse, harassment, rape or sexual exploitation in prostitution or pornography.

UNICEF estimates that around 120 million girls have been subjected to forced sexual intercourse or other forced sexual acts at some point of their lives. Boys also report experiences of sexual violence.

Most of these children are abused at home.

Children in danger at home in Asia

64% of children who experienced severe violence live in Asia.

In Bangladesh, 47 per cent of married girls have experienced sexual violence through their husbands. 

In India, 9 per cent of girls have experienced sexual violence.

The COVID-19 outbreak has increased the risk of sexual violence against children, including sex for assistance, commercial sexual exploitation of children, female genital mutilation and forced early marriage.

Terre des Hommes is working with law enforcement agencies and communities whom play important roles in community awareness raising to ensure at-risk children are safe and protected.

Read how we are stopping child marriage in India 

Children in danger at home in Africa

One out of four girls in Kenya was forced to have sex and in Uganda and Ethiopia, 15% of girls reported having forced sex

Due the Coronavirus pandemic, there is a dramatic impact on the lives of victims and survivors of conflict-related sexual violence. It also has a big effect on the work we do to prevent Sexual Violence.

School closing is seen as an opportunity in some communities to forcefully mutilate girls. Terre des Hommes is actively engaging law enforcement agencies and communities to play important roles in community awareness raising to ensure at-risk girls are safe and protected.

Read why staying at home is dangerous for Emelda.

Children in danger at home in the Netherlands

Most Dutch children exploited are victims of pimps who lure them into sexual exploitation at home or in private venues.

In the Netherlands, the percentage of victims of Dutch nationality has increased sharply in the last ten years to more than 50%.

Read how Terre des Hommes is fighting against exploiters in the Netherlands.

Help us to continue our work to prevent this and help children by donating now.

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