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Nepal has a young population. Of the 29 million inhabitants, forty percent are under 15 years of age. Poverty affects as much as one in three inhabitants; they have to live on less than $ 1 per day. We offer children a safe place, education, medical help and legal support. We take action with governments and educate communities about the rights of children.  At the same time we work together with the police and judiciary to catch and convict perpetrators.

Our work in Nepal

Children from poor families are most likely to be exploited. They are confronted with violence, abuse, exploitation and child trafficking at an early age. Discrimination based on gender and social background make girls and children from the poor dalit caste extra vulnerable. Teenage girls are often victims of sexual harassment.

With the growth of tourism, child exploitation increases. Also child trafficking for Nepalese and Indian brothels increases. Just like abuse in so-called orphanages. 

We offer children a safe place, education, medical help and legal support. We take action with governments and educate communities about the rights of children.  At the same time we work together with the police and judiciary to catch and convict perpetrators.


Sexual exploitation

With the growth of tourism in Nepal, child sex tourism and child exploitation has also increased. Child sex tourists mainly come from Europe and India. The most vulnerable children are trafficked and abused for this.

Despite the fact that prostitution is prohibited, about 12,000 girls are trafficked. They are forced to work in Nepalese and Indian brothels. In addition, Nepal has so-called orphanages that have been specially set up for the abuse of young children.

We work in various places in Nepal to protect children. We get children out of exploitation situations. We provide shelter, psychological and medical assistance to victims. We work with the police and the judiciary to arrest and convict perpetrators. We also help the government with better laws and regulations against the sexual exploitation of children. Join the fight.

Child trafficking and unsafe migration in Nepal

The consequences of the violent earthquake in 2014 are still noticeable. Many residents of Nepal no longer have a permanent place to live.

In search of a safe place, children and women are easy prey for human traffickers. Children are especially vulnerable to sexual exploitation and abuse. Or to be exploited as cheap labor.

In Sindhupalchok and Dolakha districts, we help vulnerable families who have moved to the area in the hope of a better life. We support children who have been abandoned. Just like young people who have gone out alone in search of work or who are trafficked.

We stand up for the rights of children. And they take a lot of action to bring their situation to the attention of the police, lawyers and judges. So that they can better protect children.

We also have extensive contact with the national government and other authorities. To change their policies and to legislate against human trafficking. Against child trafficking.

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Our partners in Nepal

Together with experienced partners we are working towards a world without child exploitation, where young people can feel safe today and better about tomorrow. Join our fight.

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Our Country Representative

Thangam, the Country Manager of Terre des Hommes in India and Nepal, together with his team, stands up for vulnerable children. "This is a forgotten group; among other things, we provide education and teach them about their rights".

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