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Some 13.5 million people inside Syria are in need of humanitarian assistance following more than six years of civil war. Around 6.5 million Syrians have had to leave their homes in search of safety in other parts of the country. Another 4.5 million people have left the country to seek a future outside of Syria’s borders.

Syrians face shortages of food, water and health care. Many of these displaced people now live in camps or below-standard shelters, with no protection against extreme cold in winter and extreme heat in summer. Countless children have been out-of-school for several years and are exposed to the threats of recruitment into armed groups and child labour.


Growing up with war

The war in Syria is the greatest humanitarian disaster of our time. The degrading situation in Aleppo is the symbol of that. 

Millions of children from Syria grow up with war. Many have fled the violence. First from the civil war, later from the violence by ISIS. More than a million children urgently need sufficient and healthy food. With food vouchers, disrtibuted to vulnerable children and their families, we help prevent malnutrition in vulnerable children. 

Children fleeing war are extremely vulnerable. They're at extra risk. Not only for exploitation, but also for abuse, neglect and violence. Often these children have experienced unpleasant things. They miss their normal lives. Their school. Their friends. 

It is important that they are well protected and helped. Traumas that go untreated cause major problems later on.

We offer them treatment. Psychological and Mental health and psychosocial support. In Syria, we are particularly committed to children with disabilities. They receive medical help and physiotherapy. And we provide aids such as wheelchairs and orthopaedic materials.

In Syria, we take a stand to protect and help vulnerable children who have fled war. Join our fight.

Helping as many children as possible

Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, we have been providing assistance to victims of the violence. The emphasis is on helping children and vulnerable families with children.

We have been providing emergency aid since 2012. There are still major shortages in Syria. Food, cooking utensils, blankets and medical aid are desperately needed.

We are active in and around Rural Damascus: Jaramana, Qattana, Daf El shok, Eastern Ghota. And in Aleppo: Jebel and other vulnerable areas. 

We are not there yet. Many more children and their families urgently need our help. That is why we continue to fight for better protection. 

Cooperation of great importance

In emergency situations, we almost always work together with other organisations. This allows us to deploy our emergency aid as quickly as possible. Often these are local organisations that know the area well.

Part of our emergency aid activities is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In Syria we work together with 4 other humanitarian aid organisations within the Dutch Relief Alliance. In times of need you stand stronger together. Join our fight

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