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Give big

Take a stand against child exploitation through a large donation. Donate as a foundation, company or private individual. Affiliate a name to one or more of our projects. Give big. Collectively, we make more impact.

A large donation

The global fight against the exploitation of millions of children is a long one. A large donation ensures that our projects can grow and help more children. 

Affiliate the name of a foundation, company or private individual to our work. Support a specific project with a large donation. In doing so, you commit to a collaboration with us.

Terre des Hommes fights poverty and provides children protection, care and education. We take actions to engage leaders and the public. 

We protect children from exploitation. They are entitled to this universal right. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child says so.

We work with families, communities and local partners to achieve tangible results. Our donors make that possible.

Join our fight. Whether as a foundation, company or private individual, give big.

Give big

A large donation makes a bigger impact in the fight against child exploitation. It helps us protect more children, get them to school and offer better futures.
Donate once or regularly

Institutional Partnerships

Foundations and trusts are key partners in helping Terre des Hommes reach – and better – the lives of vulnerable children worldwide.

If you are a foundation, trustee, have contact with a trust or are establishing a trusteeship, we would be grateful to hear from you. We would be grateful to hear from you.

In-honour donation

A donation can also be made to honour relatives, friends or colleagues. For example, you can denote to celebrate or memorialise someone, to commemorate an anniversary or to publicise a company. Donate to a self-chosen cause within Terre des Hommes. 
Learn more about in-honour donations.

Corporate or organisation

Do you represent a corporate or organisation? View our page for businesses.

Personal advice

Get personal advice from one of our relationship managers. Get personal advice about large donations.

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